Raising the temperature of Nurse Proops bottom with a spanking.

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That Penelope Potter never could stay out of trouble. A thorough spanking from mommy is a small price to pay after being caught playing Doctor with Willie Wright in the garden shed.

SORE SUMZ. “No Miss Pinkerton, in the SPANKERS GUIDE TO HOW THINGS ADD UP two times two does equal a good dozen on the bare…”

just yell "YEOWCH!"

The Name of the Game is SPANKING. The SPANKING is a Game consenting ADULTS play. When a TOP can be a BOTTOM and a BOTTOM can be a TOP. Both chasing that INTIMATE moment of a shared EXPERIENCE. SPANKING may be the NAME OF THE GAME but the GAME is all about you and your DREAMS…

But WHY do you want me to spank you?


TEARS OF A SPANKING STAR. From the classic era of UK Spanking movies and Janus magazines, Sophie Fennington in all her well caned glory from one of her retro movies at Classic Spanking. Check out my blog YEOWCH Spanking for more of this awesome gal.

EYE CONTACT. When she breaks the 4th wall even with her panties down and a cane tapping her bare ass. Awesome moment from 1st Choice Spanking on YEOWCH Spanking blog.


Doing the girlfriend to the glam rock sound of SWEET on the stereo. Spankbuster.